Emotional Intelligence For Brands

Creating Deep Connections Between Your Brands And The Right People

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Colgate Optic White

Brand Architecture and New Product Development


Strategy Development for Enterprise and Key Verticals

Right Guard

Brand Positioning and New Product Development for Core Brand and New Personal Care Segments


Strategic Positioning and Creative Development for Branding Campaign

Rose's Cocktail Infusions

Identified White Space to Create The First Ever Line of Contemporary Cocktail Mixers

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Positioning Is Dead!

Redefining USP as “Unique Selling Personality” Focus, focus, focus. That’s what I like to hammer home to both my clients and graduate marketing students when I talk about positioning. Politics, marketing on steroids, provides prime examples of this single-minded... read more

Storytelling And The King Of Car Wash Parts

I was invited to a Fourth of July party at the home of a friend’s girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend a few years ago. (Following me so far?) It turned out to be a magnificent beach house that had been featured in Architectural Digest. Quite an amazing place with a big... read more

Welcome to the Right Brain Studio

What do you make? People don’t simply buy products such as “software” or “breakfast cereal.” They buy aspiration, a brand promise that transcends any rational feature. The Right Brain Studio offers brand strategy, marketing innovation and consumer insights. But what we really make is Emotional Intelligence For Brands. Our hands-on approach provides a critical complement to marketing science, delivering an intimate, high-touch understanding of both your own offering and your target market.
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