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Engage Respondents to Build Confidence

   in Qualitative Concept Testing

      Asking respondents to “leave the world of judgment behind to step into the realm of feelings and emotions” is one greatest challenges we face in qualitative research.  People are hard-wired to be critics because their need to appear smart is far more powerful – and safe – than the vulnerability that comes with expressing their true inner feelings. 


      And once the bandwagon of negative nitpicks starts to roll in a group environment, the more difficult it becomes to keep the discussion on an objective track. 


      The Right Brain Studio leverages creative exercises and other proprietary tools to fully engage respondents absorbed in the moment we push them to explore and expand on ideas rather than reducing your work to glib clichés. Defense mechanisms are peeled away while authentic feelings emerge. 


      And when you understand how your creative work truly makes consumers feel, you will then be able to gauge the impact of those feelings on your brand and your business. Something far more important than if they “like” the creative or not or what their “votes” add up to.


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