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I’ve received a number of creative gift suggestions for mom by email this year. It seems that if I’m on someone’s mailing list, no matter how relevant their product or service is, they have a Mother’s Day gift idea.

There’s the usual: flowers, candy and chocolate dipped strawberries. But I’ve also been offered the opportunity to introduce her to meditation, take her to a yoga class, treat her to a round of golf, get a discount if I add her to my gym membership and take her to any number of restaurants where she would never eat the food because it’s too noisy and the and the food’s too spicy. A friend sent me a Groupon to send Mom for “Colon Hydrotherapy and Detox.” You can’t make this stuff up.

What thoughtful ideas! Thank you spam!

In the interest of public service, I thought I’d offer a few of my own suggestions – some based on actual emails I’ve received – just in case you’re’ still not sure what to do.

Download a free white paper for Mom! Sign her up to our mailing list and she’ll learn all about using social media to guilt her kids into calling more often. Our moms get more calls! And don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade to our “More Visits” white paper.)

Register Mom to participate, absolutely free, in a clinical marijuana trial! No more nagging for you, better sleep, increased appetite and overall euphoria for Mom!

Kids don’t let moms plead guilty! Call now and receive 10% off on legal services if mom is pulled over for DUI. (See above.)

Finally, if you’re on our own Right Brain Studio mailing list, why not take our special Mother’s Day Deal and take 3 focus groups for the price of 2! Think of the possibilities!

  • Groups with her friends to explore creative solutions to the nagging dilemma of why her divorced son is still not re-married.
  • Groups with her siblings and cousins to explore why Grandpa always skipped family functions to attend Civil War reenactments.
  • Groups with the immediate family to develop strategies on a less stressful Thanksgiving and to answer the question, “What’s wrong with you? Why don’t you ever eat my string bean casserole?”




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