Ideation and Innovation


Influencer & Creative Thought Leader Insights & Ideation


We are connected to influencers and thought leaders who actively create our popular culture. We put them to work for you in two principle ways.


Right Brain Studio Creative Panel

A better source of creativity doesn’t exist. We fuel ideation sessions with the freshest creative minds not in the business. Our proprietary network of storytellers are novelists, screenwriters, actors, directors, filmmakers, musicians and other creative minds.


Street Style Interviews

Street Style InsightsTM is an unfiltered, organic way to talk to trend-setting, influential customers in the moment. We go to art, music, food, pride and other festivals and cultural events to seek out spontaneous, leading edge input.


Our interviewers aren’t typical “moderators,” but carefully selected influencers from our Right Brain Creative Panel who are members of the communities they are researching. Their insider status puts people at ease and their creativity inspires deep and sometimes unexpected conversation.


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