Ideation and Innovation


The Right Brain Studio Creative Panel


You participate in these half- to full-day ideation sessions with the best, brightest and freshest creative minds not in the business. These aren’t the usual suspects from marketing and advertising agencies who, at best, seek alignment with emerging trends. Our proprietary network of storytellers are the novelists, screenwriters, actors, directors, filmmakers, musicians and other creative minds who actively create our popular culture.


A better source of creativity simply does not exist. RBS Creative Panel Sessions have been successfully leveraged to create new product ideas, brand strategies and other innovations.


Right Brain Studio Creative Sessions


In addition to RBS Creative Panel, we plan and facilitate Creative Sessions with your internal and agency teams.  These sessions blend of key issues exploration with blue-sky ideation to build a strong foundation for collaboration and buy-in among key stakeholders. Sessions yield focused strategy alternatives and a prolific range of starter concepts based on project objectives. Ideal to kick of the annual strategic planning process, for “Brand Tune-Up” mid-course corrections midway through the year, or to kick start any initiative.


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