Qualitative Research


The Right Brain Studio provides a full range of qualitative research services including:


– Focus Groups

– In-depth Interviews

– Ethnographic Research: In-home & Shop Along Interviews


Our goal is to leverage real time, human interactions to uncover the insights and sort out the key issues that will inspire informed decision making, and then to provide the recommendations that transform those insights into tangible success.


Built On A Foundation Of Three Essential Pillars

Engaging Your Team

Visualize the ideal conclusion of a qualitative research project. Team members look at each other and nod their heads in agreement. “Of course. This is what’s going on and here’s what we have to do.”


We engage the key players of your team early and often. When their level of investment is high, when they feel they are participating in a meaningful way and being heard, the work is far more likely to transcend the dogma, political and personal agendas that often block the path to success.


Our research sessions have been favorably compared to psychotherapy by respondents and clients alike. Intuitive, empathetic interviewing skills and proprietary techniques get people talking, allowing them to reveal who they are on an incredibly intimate level. We engage in deep, meaningful conversation with participants, making it clear, on a spoken and unspoken level, that we are truly interested in what they have to say.


Our proprietary “creative consumer workshop” exercises activities stimulate conversation between respondents, eliciting human emotion rather than marketing critiques or judgements, and opens the rare window into customer thought processes and inner lives.


Reports & Presentations that Tell Stories

Research is brought to life in way that educates, aligns and inspires. We’ll tell you something you don’t already know, uncovering new insights or casting existing knowledge in an entirely different light.


It’s all done within the context of a compelling story, a narrative that works through conflict, rational and emotional, that brands need to confront in order to grow and thrive over time.


It’s not just consumers who make emotionally based decisions. As smart and analytical as they may be, so do your colleagues. So why limit the use of storytelling to consumers? Your colleagues will perform exponentially better if they’re truly “feeling” the research on a visceral level. Before you get to the consumer, you want to get your team fired up with everyone pulling in the same direction, not inspired simply by facts and insights, but by an irresistible narrative that ties it all together in a compelling way.


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