Understand the Values of Your Consumers

Understanding the values, self-perceptions and innermost thoughts of your consumers forges stronger, deeper and more profitable relationships.


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Our “Values Research” employs hour-long, one-on-one, in-depth Interviews to get inside the minds of your consumers. Open-ended questions, relentless probing and a whole lot of empathy get people talking. We set the tone so for them to feel safe, so as they become absorbed in the process, their sense of comfort and freedom allows them reveal who they are on an incredibly intimate level.


We’ve had people share secrets they’ve never told anyone, sob as they relive painful experiences – often dating back to childhood – and cry tears of joy as they relate special, happy moments.


Sessions have been favorably compared to psychotherapy by respondents and clients alike.


Having established a multi-dimensional, fully humanized picture of who our respondents are, we then connect their personal values to the values of your brand, building the bridges that will form the most powerful, emotional and motivating connections.

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