Creative Sherpa – by Michael Laskin

How would it feel to play golf with Tiger Woods? How about a round of tennis with Roger Federer? We’d all be horrifyingly overmatched. These are, after all, the best of the best. They embody the world standard in their specific realms.

Once you get past the overwhelming feelings of inadequacy, more than likely another aspect of this dynamic will emerge. You won’t beat Tiger or Roger – BUT your game (meager though it might be) will be elevated. You will play better, run faster, hit straighter, and even sink a few puts. You won’t win the Masters or Wimbeldon, but playing with someone far more skilled will move your game up a notch. The fear of embarrassment will galvanize you, and you may play better than you ever have. You can always say, “Hey, I didn’t win, but I gave Tiger something to think about!”

We all need that challenge. We all seek an ideal to strive for. AND, we all need guidance and a road map.

A case in point: the old cliché of the husband stubbornly driving around in circles and lost because he is too proud and stubborn to ask for directions. “I can find it, Marge! I’ve been there before!” Sometimes this inflexible streak stands in the way of arriving at our destination. If you’re too foolish to ask for directions, you will get lost and run out of gas. At today’s gas prices…..we all need directions.

A “Creative Sherpa” is what is needed to help create, redefine, and sustain any legendary brand. Real creative collaboration means truly being receptive to new concepts, thoughts, and approaches. When you get to your personal “Robert Frost moment” and are not sure which road to take, you need someone who knows the roads, the shortcuts, the weather patterns, and has food, water, and a tent – just in case.

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