Life Imitates SNL: Part 2

by Jeff Hirsch

Last year, I blogged about how marketing imitates Saturday Night Live. (“Does Life Imitate Art?” posted April 11, 2008,) The show’s fake commercials have predicted three and four bladed razors, Southwest Airlines, and sweet breakfast cereals in the form of confections, to name a few.

The trend continues. Earlier this summer, John Stewart ran a comic piece on new catch phrases in TV journalism. Segments on CNN and other networks that start or end with cutesy expressions such as “Just Sayin’,” “What the…?” and “No Way!”


Check out SNL’s “Really with Seth and Amy,” then take a look at what the news networks are up to by clicking on the links below. Really!

“Really with Seth & Amy”

Catch Phrases from the “Real” News

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