Member Appreciation Day

IMAGE_Foothill-Gym_grid_6ap·pre·ci·a·tion1 a:judgment, evaluation; especially: a favorable critical estimate b: sensitive awareness; especially: recognition of aesthetic values c:an expression of admiration, approval, or gratitude2: increase in value

Yesterday was “Member Appreciation Day” at my gym, L.A. Fitness. And what a sincere demonstration of gratitude it was!

My appreciation experience began as I checked in.The two women working as receptionists, responsible for scanning the bar code on the little plastic membership cards attached to my key ring, were both talking on the phone when I checked in. They did not bother to look up, make eye contact or say hello.Welcome to Member Appreciation day!

Once in the gym, L.A. Fitness showed continued to shower their appreciation on its members by having representatives from Chase at desk trying to sign members up for checking accounts – and using the p.a. system every fifteen minutes to urge us to do so.

Being concerned with our health, they generously offered cut up pieces of blueberry muffins and little paper cups of bottled orange juice.

That was the extent of it.

They had advertised this day on posters throughout the gym for at least a month. I had visions of nutritionists, health experts, fitness workshops, samples of healthy foods, maybe even a free t-shirt or something.

I couldn’t have been more wrong, and you’ve got to wonder what they were thinking when they planned this “event.”In the low margin, high turnover world of health clubs, logic would dictate that small investments from time to time to enhance customer loyalty and stem attrition would pay off handsomely.

They just got it totally wrong and backwards.Trying to sell a captive, dues paying audience more stuff – and in this case, products and services completely unrelated to the company’s core business and stated mission of promoting a “healthy lifestyle” – is just disrespectful and cynical.

Most important, it’s not good business.L.A. Fitness members know it and will vote with their wallets when even a marginally better offer comes along.

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