New Podcast with Jill Cress, CMO of National Geographic Partners

Jill Cress has already been honored twice this year for her marketing leadership. Forbes chose her for its “CMO Next 2018” list, a select group of “marketing chiefs who are redefining the role and shaping the future.” If that weren’t enough, Jill was also named by Business Insider as one of 2018’s “25 Most Innovative CMOs.”

There’s much more to Jill than her success in revitalizing a venerable brand. She’s also on a mission to raise awareness of vital issues and change consumer behavior for the purpose, literally, of making the world a better place.

After spending 20 years at Mastercard convincing consumers to carry that brand of plastic in their wallets, she’s now fighting to reduce the plastic pollution choking our oceans, helping veterans recover from PTSD, and for other important causes in her role as Chief Marketing Officer at National Geographic Partners.

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